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Welcome to Harden Ranch! Raising Grass Fed Bison in East Central Illinois

34 years ago we built our log home on a 30 acre tract of land hoping that one day we would be able to fulfill our dream of having bison roam the pasture. In 2012 we made that a reality with our first 4 animals stepping onto the property and starting our herd. Since then we have grown our herd to 14 animals and fallen in love with bison and the ranching life. As we grow our pastures, our herd and our family; our ambition grows with it. 


Our goal is to raise bison the way it is supposed to be done. Giving the animals the grass, clover and land they are meant to have and watch them grow naturally.  We found out early in our endeavor that happy animals equals happy customers. We hope you enjoy navigating our website and get as excited about our bison meat and ranch as we are!

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